the “hip” sound

I have no idea what the hell “hipster” means, but I think if I were like 30 lbs skinner and 300 lbs richer I would be one? Regardless this isn’t about what I wish my weight and coin bag equate to; this is about the music! More specifically some bands I have in my music libradairy that I have heard the word hipster thrown around the same vicinity. What makes the bands hipster, I don’t really know. The fact that they where independent/still are and became popular, I think that could be it. However if you will, hipster means the same thing as “communist” “creeper” or “emo” it means “I don’t like you” so bands that I like, that are not quite able to call it anything but “Indie” which makes it “hip.” So put those shades, and plaid scarves on, sit back and enjoy the tunes.

Passion pit – I found this band, the same way I found most of the bands on this list, by stumbling upon them on the internet, someone else brought them to me, I did no digging (hear that hipsters!). Either way this band is known for their laid back trance like elements and incredibly high pitched vocalist. I can never tell if they are happy or sad, but according to this song they are mostly sad, but happy on the inside (likely because they are getting notoriety)

The drums-I think I was… no I don’t remember what I was doing  when I stumbled upon these guys, but the F$^#in’ rock. They are very melancholy (as a quite a few of these bands will come to be), but good all the same. Sort of like saying that its not okay, but I’m going to make this music and your going to listen to it because you feel the same way, but we are not going to be as blunt as this “review” is sort of thing. (I have no idea what the hell I just typed). But I love running (and being sad) to this song.

Black kids- not a huge fan, but they have a pretty great name; plus they get extra points because they were in a blog that was about hipster music that I was reading a month or two ago, so this one HAS to be hipster (I think) damn it! Also, I’m not going to teach you how to dance! (because i’m a mean hipster, and only I am aloud to know how to dance <____<)

Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros- they were on NPR :D  I like NPR sometimes (the same sentiment I have towards the united states) . But the first time I saw this band I thought “oh hey its Jesus, and he’s flirting with that little boy.” Turns out that Jesus is Edward Sharpe and the little boy is his wife or lover or something (I don’t know and I’m not going to google it for you. But regardless the folk reggae vibe that they give certainly fills a niche (as with every decent band I guess) but other than pedo-jesus the thing that caught my eye was the mass of instruments playing, which was awesome. I enjoy Edwards philosophy that if someone wants to join the band let them, regardless of what obscure instrument they play, but it comes off sounding well. Here is the first time I saw them

Phoenix- the first time I found this band was also on NPR. Apparently they have gotten pretty big since then. I don’t think I can say that there is anything special about this band, except for the lead singer’s to-die-for voice, also he is beautiful, especially when compared to the Frotto Baggins looking guitarist. also their lyrics are just formulaic enough to be accepted by the masses but full enough to be accepted by hipsters (or whatever). In short this is what they sound like:

Crystal castles- I’m not even sure this is a hipster band, but I like them and I’m not sure if I will ever actually have the chance to review them under other circumstances. The band, is known for using a synthesizer with an Atari 5200 soundcard, and using a micro Korg to distort the voice of their drop dead gorgeous singer, although I have NO IDEA what the poop she is saying, she sure does sound good saying (kind of like Japanese/Korean music) they kind of remind me of twenty something year olds that were those kids that grew up making noises with things, but got really good at it, and also do lots of drugs (especially the last part)

Blue hit- the first time I heard about this band, I saw them on the shirt of a chubby hipster guy, and thought they were either a movie or some flavor of ice cream. However, a few weeks later I heard the sound of a beautiful melancholy voice coming from my sister’s room, I went in and sure enough it was the Blue Hit. The next time I heard the sound coming from her room, I stop liking them, because it was my sisters music and I was to be damned if we had the same taste. They kind of remind me of that one hipster band, but they are good all the same, if you do not have another band that fills this one’s niche.

Coconut records- Two words, Jason Schwartzman. Don’t get me wrong, he is one of my favorite actors, and I love Wes Anderson, but this only makes it all the more hipster. But you can only imagine how happy I was to find that he had is own music project, and it isn’t bad, very niche like the other bands, very melancholy, but questionably happy. His music sort of gives the same general vibe that one might find in a Wes Anderson movie (it would fit well in Wes Anderson’s rendition of Spiderman)

Built by snow- a friend of mine saw them playing at Texas A&M by chance, and showed them to me. I love the way this band dances around the line between nerdy rockin, and the result is an incredibly catchy beat with bad ass lyrics that summarize the feelings of nerds in like with each other. Turns out the band is from Austin (for our local readers).  What makes this band “hipster” its called I want to listen to them, and I felt like putting something that wasn’t hipster on this list, but if it will make you feel better go listen to Hall and Oats and pretend that this is a review of that.  Or just shut it and enjoy

Belle and Sebastian-I think I happened upon this band at sometime before I gave a shit and it doesn’t matter anyway. They have a sound similar to the Electric Light Orchestra, but with more of a modern twang to it. There is not much hipster things to say about this band, except that it seems that at this point, just about anything you can point your finger and say the magical word, everything is phucking hipster. So in the name of making mistakes that make us feel bad, off their first and possibly best album

P.S. There are a lot of other good bands that I would have liked to put in this review, but they will likely just have to get their own review without being called hipster (im sorry music I like that I put in this review)

P.S.S to Jeremy, this is the post I was talking about

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    Big follower on this page, plenty of your articles or blog posts have seriously helped me out. Looking forward to upgrades!

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