“Metro 2033” by Mazer

Well, I decided to do a crazy thing: buy a game I was wondering if I should buy and then do a review on it. Luckily Steam helped me out by giving me Metro 2033 when I pre-ordered Homefront, so I get two games in one and you get two reviews!

What I expected:

Honestly, I’m not really sure what I expected as a whole but I did have some relevant information coming into to it. I knew it was based on a Russian book of the post-apocalypse genre and from the “back-of-the-box” I was expected some sort of Russian-Fallout. So there would be a story, a nice open world, and nasty/scary enemies to fight.

What We Got:

We got a great story and a lot of nasty/scary enemies to fight. There’s no open world as of 1.5 hours in that I can tell. So far everything about the game is very linear; I’m not even sure if I can go back just one level so I can restock. There’s no RPG elements except for the ability to buy new guns. The in-game currency is pre-bad-stuff bullets (I remember another game having this but I’m at a loss of the name) and you can’t use them in your crappy guns so at least you can’t waste them on accident. The difficulty of the enemies is a huge spectrum of annoyance: the first enemies you fight die in a few hits and they’re big cousin’s take 5-6 shotgun shells to the head. Games that have normal enemies with that much hp always bothered me; I mean, I get why the big boss’s head doesn’t melt when I fire a shotgun up against his head, but how can something survive when they’re head is the size of the barrel I just blew them away with? Also, there’s this weird feeling that I’m not really scared of fighting 10 of these things since my health doesn’t seem to go low (though I do use a First Aid Kit after just to be sure) but it’s more the annoyance of them that makes me want to avoid them. Now, with all of that negative stuff said, the game has an amazing story and it really draws you in. The level of immersion is amazing and that alone is what helps me keep playing, but after dying for the 10th time because I have no idea where the game wants me to go is getting on my nerves.

The main, and really only, gripe I have about this game is the terrible level design. The levels themselves are about as free-form as a Mega Man level but the environments seem to go out of the way to be confusing. I have yet to figure out a way of backtracking and therefore you have to make do with the supplies you have after leaving each town which can be troublesome when you start to loss filters for your gas mask. The above-ground levels all seem to have this pre-determined but hard to find path which you have to traverse as quickly as possible to not waste supplies. Which makes each level a very rushed, confusing run towards the end which isn’t that fun in a game play way but it really does help with the immersion. And really, that’s what this game does well: both the story and the immersion factor are up there with some of the best games I’ve played. After only spending a few minutes in the game, I already felt like I was this Russian dude running around a post-apocalyptic Russia. So those terribly rushed and confusing levels? That’s perfect for the character you play! You should feel this sense of impending doom looming overhead while you travel across what’s left of Moscow with death staring at you at every turn.

I think the only thing that would make this game perfect would be a slightly better level design where the path you should take is a little bit more obvious. It’s really annoying to sit in a spot for 5 to 10 minutes trying to figure out which ledge you can jump to all while your gas mask filters are being drained. It should be much easier to tell from a glance whether my character can cross a specific terrain or not. Heck, even a solid red line leading from the start to the end of each wouldn’t really detract from the game itself. Which is an interesting point to come across, giving this game more of an interactive book feel rather than an actual game. I haven’t read the book that the game is based on but from what I’ve experienced so far I think the game creators did a fantastic job at capturing the story’s feel.


This game is a really cool game when looking at all of the different aspects of it, but it’s a little hard to play and therefore a little hard to recommend to others. If you’re really looking for some amazing story/immersion and don’t mind some annoying game play, then I’d suggest you check this title out. I’m very sure that I’ll play it some more and will probably go at it until I’ve finished the game but the game itself doesn’t really draw me in like other games do (for example, Just Cause 2 which is repetitive mindless destruction but at the same time I like mindless destruction…).

Overall Rating

It was really hard for me to give a rating on this game because of how much I enjoyed it but didn’t at the same time. So I’m giving it a Rent It since it’s a game that you will either love or hate; that is, a game that really isn’t for everyone but those it’s meant for will love it.

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  1. Sofie says:

    hi there, great wordpress blog, and a great understand! at least one for my book marks.

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