Microreview:Harry Potter and the Half-Dub Remix by Terabyte Frenzy

I don’t generally listen to dubstep, but …I have no buts to go with this, I recently started listening to dubstep at three o’clock in the morning while doing physics (eat a phat one!). Coincidently, it happens to be 3:52 right now and I happen to be listening to Deadmau5, but I am rambling, gambling, fee phi pho fambling. This song is pretty amusing, a remix of Hedwig’s Theme, the opening song of the first Harry Potter Movie (best opening for the series ever), composed by John Williams. The remix is called Harry Potter and the Halfdub step, shame on the artist (that’s like almost the entire series away, AND a different composer!) but whatever, the song is really fun. Also the incredibly hot girl in the video (which was made by Leo Kei Angelos) has little to nothing to do with why it is so awesome <_______< the video itself is really cool by the way, but I’m not going to explain it since your about to watch it anyway…


oh yeah, she’s totally pole dancing, and its awesome…


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