“Drive Angry” by Leader K

Leader K

Drive Angry

Nick Cage breaks out of hell in order to save his granddaughter from an evil cult trying to outrun the devils right hand man. Yes, you heard right, the Devil! Yes, this is Ghost Rider. It does not take much thought in trying to determine where the story goes from there, but I’ll avoid the details so as not to draw the scorn of people who might actually find intrigue in this particular screen play.

Nick Cage is a great actor. “Nouveau Shamanic” is the title by which his supposed new style of acting is called, and from what i can gather it is the art of depravity in dialogue that some may mistake for chomping at the scenery, but i would rather call striking the base nerve of the scene and riding it all the way through, while still being completely genuine. Never does this man play it safe when it comes to his acting and because of the he often finds negativity in the minds of his fans. Like a tightrope walker who that insists with walking on his hands despite that fact that he cannot possible balance such an odd dance.

That said in this particular case Cage has fallen from a terrible hight and i can no longer condone such needless showmanship. Cage is specifically and significantly the worst performance in this film. And despite William Fichtner holding the piece together with his endlessly entertaining role as The Accountant for hell, Cage’s high wire act has finally become stale.

This film falls in line with the so bad its good genre, but i am not a fan of film that are trying to be bad, i’d rather you just make a good film and fail. For something to be truly so bad its good it has to have tried to be good to begin with (example: The Room). Nick Cage a man known for his kinetic acting style and charisma; star of Leaving Las Vegas, Con Air , Face/OffAdaptation. and so many more has lost all desire to act well anymore. I swear when he won that Oscar he declared he would never again need to actually try. Not to say that my irritation should be enough to obligate him to create art as it were, the man if free to do as he pleases, but I’m afraid I cannot defend and follow as i once did so happily. My fandom has officially tired.

But regardless of Cage’s disappointing involvement and the overall lack luster film as a whole there are a few point of pride its creators might have. As i said it is Cage who delivers the worst performance, and by that every other actor can say they out performed Nicolas Cage, Fichtner being the fore runner of this group. Director Patrick Lussier shows a few moments that feel genuinely inspired, but an unwillingness (or maybe just apprehension) to follow all the way through with the calamity that kept my interest for those few moments holds back any greater complements. I might be lost on Nicolas Cage, but Lussier just might bed me if his future work improves where this film failed.

In the end I must say with a heavy heart that this films doesn’t deserve to be watched, at least not until Lussier makes a new version. Here’s to the future.

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  1. the59sound says:

    his acting is AMAZING @________@

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