Looking Forward with Leader K!

Leader K

This is a list of the bigger movies coming out from now tell January. I thought i’d measure my excitement on these blockbusters.

Battle: Los Angeles

This movie looks a lot like several movies in the past few years that i either didn’t like or could care less about. Im not so big on alien invasion stories, i prefer my apocalypse to have nukes or zombies or both, but something about Battle: Los Angeles makes me want to to see it. Anything i say in its favor by the trailer could have just as easily been said about all the other movies just like it that i didn’t like. Lets just be hopeful.

Interest meter: 7 of 10

Sucker Punch

I have zero interest in this movies and from what i here the producers don’t have much confidence it either. Zack Snyder’s film style is dying, for his sake i hope this one isn’t the nail in the coffin.

Interest meter: 5 of 10

Scream 4

This is the movie i am most excited for this summer. While i don’t completely buy in to the Scream series, i have yet to dislike even one of the three films, they are films that while not astounding in anyway are made with perfect competence every time and i just happen to like pretty much every actor who has appeared in them. This new one looks like a really good time at the movies, and if that proves true i might even be willing to see a Scream 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Interest meter: 10 of 10

Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Ayn Rand is a sophomoric putts who fashioned a philosophy so broad and unintelligible that just about anyone stupid and selfish enough can understand it. Atlas Shrugged is her most popular book, often being read in high schools and appreciated by people who at the age of twenty who still think Neon Genesis Evangelion the greatest anime ever. Im expecting to sigh and argue a lot with this movie, but any reaction is better than none,(so they say).

Interest meter: 0 of 10


I like Norse mythology, i like the stories of Thor. I don’t read comics, i know nothing about this Thor. I’ve been told he is not the actual Norse God and thats just about where my interests drops out. Im not a fan of super hero’s in general, i’d rather just the actual God Thor get a movie. I don’t care if i see this movie or not…..blehhh

Interest meter: 5 of 10


Another comic book movie who’s source material i know nothing about. It does not inspire much intrigue. It gives off a Underworld vibe, and that is a bad, bad thing.

Interest meter: 4 of 10

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I liked the first one, but without Gore Verbinski directing i don’t see much hope for this movies. Then again Gore directed the two i don’t like as well….scratch that maybe this one can be good if created through the eyes of a new director. Again let’s hope!

Interest meter: 6 of 10

The Hangover 2

I still have not seen the first Hangover…..i know right?

Interest meter: n/a

Kung Fu Panda 2

We don’t need this. Dreamworks doesn’t need this. The only person that needs this is Jack Black. Make something new Dreamworks!!!

Interest meter: 3 of 10

The Tree of Life

Putting an Oscar movie in the summer is a great way to garner attention without seeming like Oscar bait. This movie looks intriguing mostly because not much has been reviled about it. The trailer says so little but conveys so much that if the trailer was the film it would still be fantastic.

Interest meter: 9 of 10

Green Lantern

Once again, despite my geek status i must say i know nothing about Green Lantern, and to the chagrin of D.C. fans this movie will probably cater more to me that to someone who knows the character themes and history. Once again, I don’t care if i see this movie or not.

Interest meter: 6 of 10

Cars 2

When i saw Cars i thought it was Pixar’s attempt to make fun of Dreamworks. It was a pathetic gimmicky movie, and proved to be everything i hate about animation. The future does not looks bright!

Interest meter: 0 of 10

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Michael Bay has officially come out and said Transformers 2 sucked. Does that mean that he will improve where i failed and 3 might actually be good? Not likely.

Interest meter: 4 of 10

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

I stopped reading the Harry Potter books before they were done, and i did the same for the movies. That’s not to say that i think the franchise is bad, im just not interested. If you like Harry Potter your going to see this movie no matter what anyone says, as you should.

Interest meter: 5 of 10

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America falls more in line with the type of super heroes i like. Super strength, speed, endurance, magic, or giant robots bore me most of the time. I prefer The Question, Batman, Shadow Cat, Solid Snake, Rin Asogi, Major Motoko and others like that. Sure they aren’t normal by any means, but their powers and abilities require them to use more strategy and skill when dealing with monsters and super powered freaks. But again, i know nothing about Captain America, nothing what so ever. Once again, it won’t kill me not to see this movie but i certainly wouldn’t mind.

Interest meter: 6 of 10

Cowboys and Aliens

If it turns out Battle: Los Angeles fails like so many before with the space invader story, Cowboys and Aliens will try its best to pick up the scrapes. I love westerns, and i don’t mind aliens, and by the trailer this movie looks really fun. I just get the feeling that the western parts are going to be a lot better then the aliens parts. This movie is my pick for highest grossing film of the summer.

Interest meter: 9 of 10

What movie are you looking forward to the most this summer? Leave a comment.


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