“Pokemon Black & White” by Mr Riddler

Why Shouldn’t you Pee in front of a Pokemon?


HAHA!… don’t judge me…

What I Expected:

So maybe this is something for Leader K to be reviewing… I don”t know but you can obviously tell that it’s a game that can monoplize my time. What I expected from it was to be a step up from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, or Gold and Silver for that matter. To be honest,  Heart Gold version had taken it’s place as my favorite from the series because it had me nostalgia hard plus it was on the DS and made everything so much easier to do. Logically the next game in the franchise should be an improvement in overall features and add more pokemon like they’ve done with every generation.

What We Got:

First thought after powering up the game, “The 3D in this game isn’t bad.”

First thought after seeing the new starters is “Wow these are pretty cute. I hope this game will follow up with new and interesting pokemon that are as well designed as these.”

First thought after exploring the new world and catching my first 5 pokemon “Nope. They’re not.”

Unfortunately, it seems that the idea well for the visual design for new pokemon is running a little dry. Given there are some that do still look pretty cool but it still can’t hold a candle to Genereation 1. Childish “My Cool looking Blastoise can beat your stupid looking Charizard,” aside, the story is almost exactly the same as previous titles. You’ve just turned 12 so it’s time to kick your ass out of the nest and start you on an insanely dangerous adventure on foot to catch every wild animal in the world and use them to fight for money. Additionally, this game seems to have a bit more emphasis on story like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl version did. ie: There’s a lot more talking and the rare cut scene every few hours. Mostly, you’re more interactive with the 2 characters that are assigned to be your childhood friends, and the gym leaders to take on the new Team Plasma which are significantly more hippy than the previous bands of crooks and murders. N of Team Plasma wants the world to release all their pokemon by choice when he becomes friends with a legendary pokemon…  Taking the moral child friendly demographic see.

The gameplay is exactly the same as it has always been. Buy pokeballs, Catch Pokemon, Use them to battle for money to buy more pokeballs etc. etc. I have noticed that my outlook has changed to the game play since I was a child. Now you have to reach probabilities and statistics and tier lists and still work and have social interactions to be an accepted member of society that still happens to play pokemon in his 20s. The UI of this one is a point of complaint for me. In Gold versxion they had the perfect layout. an A button for me to press when I’m covertly playing at work, all item, save and pokemon buttons on the touch screen, a freakin’ auto run. Now they’re changed everything over to a multiplayer interface and done away with the autorun entirely. I’m relatively sure I’m going to be prepping and playing alone more than in a battle. You had to go and fix somethign that isn’t broken, didn’t you, Nintendo?!

The point of this game, it seems was to take pokemon to the next visual level, obviously not in pokemon design, but it made the game 3D which is something that it hadn’t done before on a handheld system (That’s right it was 3D in  Pokemon Gale of Darkness LOOK IT UP!) On the other hand it was damn well close to 3D in Pokemon Diamond and in Pokemon HeartGold. The only major difference int he visuals of this one and those is that they decided to move the camera to another angle every now and again. Honestly if I could it in this game, the camera moves maybe 8 times over the span of all cities. Not exactly impressive there. The Pokemon battles are made more “interesting” by the inclusion of  movement on the pokemon’s part. They now do a little jig when waiting for an attack, and when doing and attack, and when being hurt by an attack. Squaresoft had that down back in 1980, people! And at least they turned their head when they got hit by something!

One last complaint. Why couldn’t you include previous generations. With all the changes that you’ve made in this game the one thing that could have picked it up for me would be having the previous pokemon in here, but no. NO! Best I can guess is that this must be thousands of years in the future after Team Rocket has ethically cleansed the previous pokemon from the world and then they waited for these few breeds to evolve…


It seems this version has tried to make the multiplayer functionality a bit easier. With every game that proceeded it, you needed to goto a Pokemon Center to participate in a trade or battle, but now it’s in the lower screen. By touching one of the options of IR, Wireless or Online you can trade or play or do other neat little tricks like test your relationship compatibility with your friends. This is 1 aspect of the UI that I have to commend them on, but again it seems that the UI for the touch screen in Gold and Silver version was better suited. I would have preferred to have my items, save, pokemon and auto run buttons be on the bottom with a touch option to switch to the battle screen since I’m not going to be battling with friends ALL THE TIME.

OverAll Rating:

I was actually going to give this game a Buy It until I ran into a game crashing glitch. When grinding levels in a double battle and both pokemon faint at the same time. The game doesn’t send out new ones and doesn’t let me run it just sits there. Never since the Missing No in Pokemon Blue version have I ever see my game crash like this. Not only that but I lost 26 levels from a pokemon that I had been grinding for an hour. Sorry Game Freak… you did this to yourself.

4 Responses to ““Pokemon Black & White” by Mr Riddler”
  1. the59sound says:


  2. Silenced Requiem says:

    I think he is. :|

  3. Mr Riddler says:

    Sorry guys, but as far as designs for this game goes, it looks like the franchise may be on the down turn. If you’ve got such a big problem with it write your own review. and I’ll be glad to CAN IT >:]

  4. Silenced Requiem says:

    I have a huge problem. Not going to write my own review because I don’t have to. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

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