“March Mix: Inspired by Tron- Part 1” by Silenced Requiem

Yeah so this was delayed like…two months. If it gets delayed any longer it’ll be an on going joke I will never live down. Mostly delayed for the fact I prefer to really listen to things before I post, but I haven’t been able to get a hold on enough material for some of these guys. Oh well. And now it’s been broken into a couple different parts.

Daft Punk

If you don’t know who Daft Punk is…just…wow. Simply wow. Daft Punk is probably one of the most well-known electronica artists around. You may have heard them at one point or another and simply not known who they were at the time. Yeah well, ignorant bliss is now officially over. If you mix techno, disco and house together you’ll get the french duo that is Daft Punk. They recently worked on the Tron Soundtrack, so if you saw that movie they actually made an appearance as the DJs in Castor’s club. I’m going to have to post two videos for these guys.

Derezzed has got to be one of the wickedest songs made in a while. I mean really, they did a fantastic job with it.

Armin Van Buuren

This is the guy I keep telling Riddler about and he keeps ignoring me about. I’m sorry, but there are other people who are not Daft Punk. Yes, I will admit Daft Punk are like the gods of DJs and the Electronic genre, but I vote Armin Van Buuren for the trance genre. Everyone SHOULD know who this is. If you don’t well…you just lost 100 rep points with Silenced Requiem. Armin Van Buuren also has a love for getting awesome people to sing for him. Such as in the video below featuring Sharon Den Adel from Within Temptation. Who you should also know. Shame on you. Probably my favorite Armin Van Buuren song. Both because it’s Van Buuren and it has Sharon den Adel. :>

Laurent Wolf

Another from France is Laurent Wolf. Though he dances in French House as Daft Punk does, he tends to explore lyrics a bit more than Daft Punk might. He’s a bit closer to Armin Van Buuren. Unfortunately I don’t have enough of this guy to properly say anything at this time.

VNV Nation

Now we’re getting to people who not everyone may know. Dunno. There’s not many people I can compare libraries with. Probably dancing on the edges of things is VNV Nation. Their range varies a bit but you will always have more lyrics in a song from VNV Nation than you might get from some other artists. My number one favorite has got to be Illusion which I’m posting here. It’s been a rough couple months in my world and Illusion is one of those songs that somehow seems to ease my mind for about five minutes. Song wise, my runner ups would be End of Days and Airships. The vocalist has this weird kind of grit to his voice which makes VNV Nation stand out from some of the others on this list.

Sophie Ellis Bextor

I first heard this woman while I was visiting Scotland (Scotchland to some). As soon as I got back home I looked up more of her stuff and found it all to be rather fantastic. I had never heard of her before and was immediately regretting not being informed of her. Apparently she had another popular single called Murder on the Dance Floor which is also quite good. But, seeing as this is the first song I heard from her I post this instead. For whatever reason I think this song fits perfectly under Derezzed in my track list.

Imperative Reaction

Out of California we have Imperative Reaction. Man, do I wish I had more of their stuff.  I’m completely in love with this song here and As We Fall. I blast As We Fall in my vehicle whenever I can. It’s loud, fast, with really nice beat to it. It’s also quite an inspiring piece, listening to it I came up with a design of a music-back-pack thing I want to do in the summer. It’s a song you really want to just play loud, all the time. This one here is also a really nice song. Imperative Reaction is probably a bit louder and harder than some of the other artists hear, but they really do a good job in the Electro-Industial genre.


I can’t say much of this guy, for one, his website is messed up and has been for a number of years I believe. So you can’t really get his songs outside of youtube. He is, however, pretty good, and I decided to add him because…well because I can. Deal with it. The violin makes the song for me really.


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