“Crysis” by Mazer

After playing Metro 2033 and then Bulletstorm, my FPS taste buds were going crazy so I picked up Crysis. The once proud computer-melter is now a slightly old game so even with everything on Ultra High with 1920×1080 my computer doesn’t even seem to mind. It looked like a decent FPS and I’ve heard great things about it, so why not give it a try right?

What I was Expecting:

I nice paced shooter with some awesome combat. From what I’ve heard of the game, it’s one of the better FPSs out there. I’m thinking a nice combo of Halo, COD, and some nice non-linear stuff.

What We Got:

Crysis is a great FPS. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that it’s an excellent FPS. The gameplay is very interesting and I don’t think any other FPS has done it quite like Crysis has. It fuses both a stealth mentaility with the guns-blazing mentality in a great way. It’s both fun to play and a challenge: there was never a time when I didn’t feel like I was having fun. Now, there are some frustrating parts to the game, but even then, most of the those parts were only frustrating because I was still getting used to how the game works. You aren’t Master Chief but that the same time you aren’t Solid Snake either. You are both stealth and war machine; you are Ying and you are Yang. The game is really an astounding combination of different aspects of different FPSs and it will blow you away when you play it. On top of all that, the shooter aspects of the game are second to none: the way your gun behaves is perfect in every account. Even when I was using my iron sights rather than my ACOG (didn’t know I could always attach the ACOG to any gun) I knew how my gun and my bullets were going to act. When you run and gun, you feel like you’re running and gunning and when you line up a shot, you get that perfect hit.

With all of the gameplay being so good, it’s sad for me to say that the story is kind of lame. I mean, it’s not horrid, but it’s not that great either. You are a part of an elite team investigating an island where some archaeologists found strange artifacts. The primary reason you are there is to extract those scientists and figure out why the Koreans have taken such an interest in the island. Off-topic aside: what’s with all the bad-guy Koreans in games lately? They’re not really all that big of a deal guys… Anyway, back to the game: the artifacts are alien! I would have put a spoiler alert there but if you don’t figure that out when the giant flying metal squid kills one of your squad-mates less than an hour in, then I’m going to spoil the big twist in Halo as well: you fight a bunch aliens. I haven’t gotten very far into the game yet at 4 hours played but it seems like the aliens are just going to kick our ass if we ever face them in combat. Your super awesome team gets picked off one by one by one alien machine without putting up any kind of fight.

The main tool that you use in the game is your super suit, which looks really dorky when you see it on your squad mates. It lets you amplify one aspect of your body at any given time along with a stealth mode. You’ll probably be using the Armor and Stealth modifications for most of the game. The Speed modification is nice when you’re going from one objective to another but if you run into a patrol without either your armor or stealth mode up then you’re kind of screwed. I’ve only used the Strength modification when the game tells me to and so far that’s only when I’ve needed to use Super Jump. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m hoping that you can one shot an enemy with melee when you have it up. I think the only real negative thing about this game is the fact that they give you this awesome gun but I haven’t been able to find any ammo for it yet so I’m stuck with a normal AK47. Though, it is nice that you can carry around two rifles and one pistol; I guess that makes up for it.


It’s a great FPS with a decent story to go with it. They really did a great job with the super armor that you use and I can’t wait for Crysis 2. The main piece of advice I would give for someone about to play it for the first time would be to always utilize your stealth mode and to watch your energy when you’re in a fire fight. The whole point of the game seems to be either stealthily picking off enemies or fighting large groups from cover: both of which need energy to execute.

Overall Rating

The game is really fun and you will want to play it if you like FPSs at all. It may be frustrating at first, especially if you try to play it like Halo or COD, but it’s worth it.


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