Mr Riddler’s Favorite Games of All Time

Riddle Me This: What is blonde with blue eyes, loves the color pink and is actually a girl?

Photo by Gaming Today

Silenced Requiem. Is it related to today’s post? No. Was it fun to say? Hell yes!

So we’re 1/3 of the way through the year and it’s about time that we start getting into what has been the better games before we start moving into the Summer Game Months. So far it’s actually been a pretty crappy year as far as games go. Pokemon Black’s come out as well as BulletStorm, Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 3; all horrible games. Also the 3DS has been a major disappointment, so it’s become difficult to weed out games that can actually be good this year. Instead I’ll just name off my favorite games of all time. HERE WE GO!

Best Interactive Game

This game hasn’t come out yet but I can tell you that i’s going to blow the Wii out of the water. You get to be in movies. MOVIES. It’s like a game that isn’t a game because it’s a movie.

Best RPG:

pffffffft yeah right. Who plays RPGs anyway. This game owns. NFL 99 was the greatest game and you don’t have swords and crap! Just man on Man muscles and a Ball!

Best Action Game:

The greatest Superhero of all time, in the greatest Superhero game of all time. This one had everything right. Flight, Freeze Breath, Lazer eyes! AND it got the sky color and graphics better than the Xbox360 version!

Best Classic Game:

Leisure Suit Larry! The game that teaches you lessons about life, love and sexism. This is one f those games that you have to play, or if you don’t then you’re missing out on the greatest gaming experience of your teenaged life.

Best Sequel Game:

Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime did what sequels are supposed to do. gut the original game and change it from it’s roots. Sanctum of Slime is a game that made ghostbusters 4-player as it’s supposed to be and got rid of that useless trap feature and replaced it with QTEs. THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!

Best Game Graphics:

Ok I’ve never played this game but the cut-scene is amazingly good right!?

Greatest Game of ALL TIME:

April Fools from Riddler Reviews!


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