“Hobo with a Shotgun” by Leader K

Leader K

Hobo with a Shotgun

This movie is a bad influence on homeless people, but luckily they can’t afford it.

Jason Eisner’s Hobo with a Shotgun first made its presence known as a fake trailer in Grindhouse along with Machete, and like Machete it to has been turned into a full length feature film, but unlike Machete its actually worth seeing. Eisner’s only other credit as a director was a short film called Treevenge which was a pull no punches baby-splattering sixteen minuet environmentalist film about Christmas trees fighting back and massacring suburbia. Hobo not only matches the gall of Treevenge it elevates it in more way than one.

Rutger Oelsen Hauer is down on his luck. He hasn’t been in a good movie sense Batman Begins and has become a homeless bum roving from city to city saving up to buy a lawnmower to start his own business. As the titular Hobo travels he finds himself in a new city, just about the worst place in the world, lovingly titled by its residents as “Fuck City” because if you live here you are fucked. Not only will they kill you and steal your wallet, they will follow that up by bathing in your blood. Our heroic Hobo, for no reason i can understand decides to stick around. Eventually enough becomes to much and our Hobo decides to spend all his hobo money on the films titular shotgun. While you might think you can guess what happens next you still will not be prepared for the extremes to which it all happens. For one, Hobo here is a psychopath, god damn is he ever, but you got to be out of your mind to be abel to do what he does in this movie. Out of all the Grindhouse movies Hauer makes this one the only one worth watching for performance alone. He puts Machete to shame. It doesn’t even feel like he’s acting! I think Rutger Hauer is actually insane! He puts in so much effort into his acting that were this a more respected genre he would be nominated for some sort of award. Forgetting that, Hauer should be getting a lot more roles in the immediate future.

Of course this movies in not for your kids, nor your parents, hell it isn’t even for you. If the title “Hobo with the Shotgun” doesn’t do anything for you just by hearing it, than this movie is not for you. If you hate shock imagery and writing than don’t even look at the trailer. There is really nothing for me to criticize with this film. It does exactly what it sets out to do. I could say that there is no story, that most of the acting besides Hauer are terrible, that most of the movie is nothing but nonsense shock and awe gross out violence, i could say the blood looks fake and the spatter is overdone, i could say that things don’t work like that in real life; but what in the hell does that mean for a movie called Hobo with a Shotgun!?

I did i like it. I sure liked watching it, but fuck if i liked it. It was an honest film, with genuine intentions to entertain in its own way, and that certainly fits better than movies like Grindhouse  who are intentionally trying to make a bad movie. For its genre its a solid 10 out of 10 but for anything outside of that its unwatchable. Go at your own risk, but hey i went, and im doing just fine.

Rent it


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