Micro Review: Pomplamoose, Ben Folds, Nick Hornby

One day I stumbled uponed (not StumbleUponed!) a video song thing. A year later my roommate informed me that the people who do that are a couple that perform music under the name Poomplamoose. Long story short they apparently teamed up with BEN FOLDS and Nick Hornby to make this pretty awesome video of “Things You Think.” Pomplamoose is pretty cool, Ben Folds is efing amazing, Nick Hornby writes and stuff, check it out!

I’m fairly certain this was the first song I had seen by them, its also probably still one of my favorites by them, and by them I mean Jack Conte, but I feel like it still counts ( I mean it doesn’t but, he is also good)

One Response to “Micro Review: Pomplamoose, Ben Folds, Nick Hornby”
  1. Arianna says:

    Nice information and facts! I have been hunting for things like this for a while now. With thanks!

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