“Braid” by Mazer

I’ve been looking at this indie game for a while now. It looked like a fun platformer with some nice added features. When I found it on Steam for $3, I just had to pick it up.

What I was Expecting:

I honestly have no idea what I was expecting when I started playing. A puzzle platformer I guess?

What We Got:

We got a very interesting puzzle platformer with a very intriguing story. I think the story is one of the more interesting parts of this game; not only is it very good but you really don’t see very many puzzle games with a story. It’s a great story about love lost and the path this character has taken through life. From what I could gather, the game is him going back through his life and picking up all the pieces that he seemed to have missed. The game itself is a very interesting twist on the platformer genre with each set of levels giving you a different power and some of the levels giving you access to specific types of objects that appear in later levels. The first time through it (you can go back and replay any level you’ve been through) I tried to go for every puzzle piece that I could; these puzzle pieces, when completed, create a path to the last level. The first two levels were fairly simple/easy and I only missed two pieces in the first level and three in the second. The later levels is where the game really shows its complexity and I was only able to grab a handful on the third level and only one on the fourth and fifth level. I had to really rack my brain just getting those last two pieces in the first level and I have yet to get any of the others. Some of the puzzles are those ‘oh ya, why didn’t I see that before’ while others are the ones that you stare at for about 10 minutes until you just say ‘screw this’. Granted, I’m not super awesome at puzzle games and that’s especially true for the more complex ones, so maybe I just don’t get it. But even then, it was a fun little game that I enjoyed.


It’s a fun game even if you just play through it once as just a normal platformer. The time travel mechanic is interesting and it makes it so that you can’t actually die, but they use the mechanic is some pretty crazy ways too. I loved it and I would have defiantly seen myself paying more than $3 for it if I had to buy it again.

Overall Rating

I’d say go ahead and buy it. It’s a decent game for the platforming alone and it’s only $10 on Steam. Plus there’s a demo on Steam as well so you can always just check it out for free before you buy!


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