“Portal 2” by Mr Riddler

What’s that Valve? Another first person shooter game that focuses around puzzles and riddles? Oh no I couldn’t!… please I’m not that kind of Riddler. Oh! Alright well… If you insist and promise to be gentle.

Everyone good and scarred for life?

Good here we go

What I Expected:

Portal was a game that was unlike anyother. Using the gun that launched a portal from one end of the room to another or sometimes one room entirely to another and using placement and physics to your advantage was an idea untried by the generation of gaming up to that point. What’s more the snarky and sarcastic malfunctioning computer GLaDOS was the perfect addition and companion, aside form the companion cube, to the game. It made a perfect well rounded experience that just Screamed RIDDLER. First, off let me say I didn’t expect a sequel at all. The end of the first game still says that GLaDOS is alive, but that doesn’t mean that I’m actually going to return to Apature Science Labs to take her on again? Oh Gabe, how you have proved me wrong.

What We Got:

Well it looks like you’re not as bat crap crazy as one would think you are to return to Apature Science Labs to take on the entire computer system again. As things go, it looks like your identical Twin Sister who is still wearing the same clothes as you were is another test subject… or maybe this is a clone of you and it all becomes an explanation of the mad science that goes on in this place. (No I’m not calling you Chell. GLaDOS never called you Chell, You never call you Chell so I refuse to just accept from the user’s manual that my name is Chell.) Conspiracy theories aside, you once again awake to find ourself as a test subject, but this time you’re resting in a relaxation chamber for 52 days. As the story goes, the place goes haywire after the You from Portal 1 breaks the brain of the research center and the You from Portal 2 is awakened years later from chemically induced hibernation with a minus case of brain damage. The snarky GLaDOS has been temporarily replaced with the awkward, lovable and helpful Wheatley who slightly reminds me of the Matt Smith version of Doctor Who.

Biggest question on everyone’s mind. Was the song lying? No. She’s not….

Or that is She wasn’t. Wheatley, although lovable like the companion cube, makes one small mistake…

After being dumped back into the testing labs that puts you through similar if not the exact same levels you went through at the beginning of the first game and working you way up to getting the orange and blue portals for your portal gun, you’re then put onto your epic mission to escape the post apocalyptic version of the Apature Science Labs …. maybe. Honestly, I have to say that I like how it jumps right in. Given the first game had to get your used to what you were doing, but doing 15 crisp and clean puzzles just to get into the escape missions was a bit much. In Portal 2, majority of the game play is through missions that make you feel like your escaping and the environment changes, from the post-apocalyptic testing labs, to cleaner one, to testing rooms from the 60, 70s and 80s, and final back to EVERYTHING IS TRYING TO KILL ME!

The game play hasn’t changed at all. The Blue portal still goes to the Orange and Visa Verse. You still use them as a mode to get around and fight things, and by fight I mean push them on their sides or drop blocks on them. They did add a few new puzzle features, however. Now there’s 3 different physic affecting Gels that can be spread with the portals onto walls. Makes more some mind numbly frustrating puzzles around the middle section of the game, then there are some blocks that can walk on their own, but I’ve found they do this more when they feel like it and if they get really annoying, you just set them down on their heads so… not like there’s a big challenge there.

GLaDOS is as creepily hilarious as always. It’s all really just more of the Same of Portal 1. However, Portal 1 was amazing, so it comes down to the ultimate Riddle with Sequels is more of a good thing a bad thing? What becomes more important? Entertainment or Innovation? GLaDOS has the answer.

“Here come the test results: You are a Horrible Person. That’s what is says. A Horrible Person. We weren’t even testing for that. Don’t let that Horrible person thing get to you. Science has just affirmed why your mother had chosen to abandon you on a doorstep.”


As you’d expect, the story of this game takes a lot of twists and turns, which should be expected from a portal game, and for a game with such few characters, it does a great job of developing them. Even the small robot turrets you see have a bit more of a human side to them, saying, “Thank you” when you rescue them from a conveyor belt, or when Wheatley explains that they can feel pain. Again they make you care about the Companion cube when GLaDOS burns one to death and then says, “We’ve got thousands. They’re sentient of course, but we’ve got a lot of them.” Probably the best development that I’ve seen through out the entire game is for GLaDOS herself. They actually give her complete back story. You can see who she got her personality and humor from, (JK Simmons) and you can see that she, the demon computer system, is actually boiled down to a heart broken secretary. Trust me that’s not a spoiler, you need to see how this plays out.

All around, I’m hard pressed to find something to complain about this game. The only thing I could say is that it’s short. Unless you’ve got a friend to go into Co-Op this game’s going to run you a pretty short period. On the on hand that could count against the game since it’s still going to cost you the same as any other on the market today that can run you 40 – 100. However, the shortened gameplay also adds to the experience and puts it all into a neat little package.


Argumentative Robots that need to work together to get something working. That’s pretty but what Silence and I do to keep this place barely running, so I figured why the hell not.

If the PSN wasn’t still down we could probably play from home, but right now we have to settle for single Couch Co-op, Honestly it’s better because now I can look at the anger in my partner’s eyes when I “accidentally” kill her in a test.

So the story of this one is far more loose than single player mode. You’re 2 robots (Again they don’t have names since GLaDOS never calls them by any. I refuse to just trust the loading screens.)  She’s trying to replace the You from single player as a test subject. The robots from Co-op are the only ones to pass testing… or maybe not since GLaDOS seems to be feeding you a lot of info that you are then you aren’t. Either way, You’re going from room to room finishing tests that are made for 2 robots to work together to reach the goal and unlocking cut emotoactions alogn the way, such as dancing together and high fives.

Best part of Co-op is the trolling, however. Naturally if given the unnaturally powerful ability to defy physics, Silence and I will find an ability to corrupt the crap out of it. In many situations, your partner’s life is in your hands which can lead to messing with the other person. For example. Silence needs to open a portal on my side of a chasm then one on hers. So she opens the portal on my side. then one over a pool of acid…. and I fall for it. Of course GLaDOS joins in as well with snarky comments left and right as well. Such as taking away 50 science points when I attempted to high five through a portal…


OK so I don’t have much to say about this one that’s because I have really nothing to complain about. The only thing I can say is that it’s portal 1 again. With a new story and a lovable new character. That’s all we can really ask for though. It’s still hilarious and a thrill to play through. The play time is alittle lacking but then you have all that Co-op whcih is another story all it’s Own. By this one, reader. Buy it, Love it, Then add it to your Facebook list of favorite games…. you monster….

OverAll Rating:

So I don’t want to spoil anything but one thing leads to another and GLaDDS becomes a potato with a phobia of birds…. seriously buy this one.

3 Responses to ““Portal 2” by Mr Riddler”
  1. Silenced Requiem says:

    Yeah that’s what I thought. You better give this game a buy it. Oh co-op was so fun…remember when I put that portal over the acid pit and I said, ‘Goodbye’ and you were like ‘NO WAY’ and then I was all, ‘We pretended we were going to murder you.’? That was great. (YouseewhatIdidthere?)

    We ought to finish our trolling of each other…since I got sick that one day when we were supposed to.

  2. Luciano says:

    I would really like to give thanks a lot for that work you have made in writing this blog post. I am hoping the same most effective job by you down the road also.

  3. Melany says:

    hello there, superb article, and a really good understand! just one for my book marks.

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