“Chiptune Covers” by Leader K

Hello children’s. For the next two weeks, I would like to share with you some awesome stuff. Awesome retro stuff I have are 8 bit remix’s of those one songs that you have herd here and there, but you find to be catchy enough to listen to.

The Norwegian pop band A-ha recorded the song “Take On Me” in 1984. Since the recording nothing of any value has come from Norway. The cover of the song is made by, like most remixes, some guy on the internet, but all the same it’s really entertaining and nifty enough to keep my nostalgia gland tingling for the duration of the song (but really the only part that anyone cares about is the catchy chorus).


This next piece is a remix of Modest Mouse’s “Float On” recreated by, once again, some guy on the internet. The original Float On was released in 2004 and although it is far from their best work pooped out, it largely attributed to the success of the band (not the guy who remixed it). (I think their best is “Karma’s Payment Plan n_n)… the steady and minimalistic beats that Modest Mouse utilizes makes them transition into 8 bit really well.


In 2009 what are considered to be big names (as far as 8 bit music is conscered) release a compilation Weezer tribute album, and there is not one song on it that is not awesome. This particular song is a cover of El Scorcho remixed by the 8 bit artist, Tugboat. If you find yourself interested, the whole album is up for grabs on the Ptrodactyl Squad’s web site: http://www.ptesquad.com/more/pte018.html

El Scorcho

You like blink 182 right? No!? well either way… someone on the internet does and some other guy made an 8 bit cover of “I Miss You” that sounds better than the song itself, if one were asking me (which you are). The prominent drum beats translate well into an 8 bit synthesizer and Mark Hoppus’ voice is easily replicable with a beeps and stuff.

I miss you

Fight Club, had a song by the pixies in it. Than someone covered that song, and then I listened to that song. Thusly through four degrees I am indirectly connected to Edward Norton. I am pretty sure that is how th ings work and that is what I am sticking with…

where is my mind

Portal for the NES, this is what Still Alive would sound like. Or, more likely there just wouldn’t be an ending song and the game would be completely different and not too many people would give that much of a shit about it, but all the same. On the off chance that all of these things were true than this is what Still Alive would sound like.

still alive

At this Point in time I am going to stop giving a shit, because I know you are tired of reading, but all of these are great 8 bit remixes that I’m sure you will enjoy although you are probably quite familiar with the original artist and the people whom covered them are either random people on the internet or moderately successful chip tune artists. Next week I will be showcasing some original chip tune music by the “Pros” as it were of the chiptuniverese and than after that I will be moving on to different genres.

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Snow Hey Oh


here’s to life

sleeping lessons

such great heights

kids mgmt

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    what the Math! this is not by Leader K!!

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