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Mr Riddler

Mr. Riddler

Hello again, reader. I am referring to you as reader, not readers, because you are my one and only reader. Amazing isn’t it? That means We’re going to be writing and entire site for you and you alone. Don’t you feel special? It’s nice to see that you came to the New Riddler Reviews. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Mr Riddler, Managing Editor for RiddlerReviews.net and lead writer for Video Game Reviews.

Here we have reviews for almost every form of entertainment that’s popular today… and pretty much anything else that we feel like reviewing. As a short intro to who that handsome mug is to the left is: I’m Mr Riddler the most intelligent man in the Universe and one of the coolest guys you’ll ever get to know. Why? Look at my eyes! I see electronics in a way noone else can!

Silenced Requiem

Silenced Requiem

This masked and cloaked beauty is Silenced Requiem. She keeps things running smoothly here at Riddler Reviews. Also she does review of just about everything. Probably because she does just about everything. This place should probably be called Silenced Requiem Reviews… but that doesnt really have any ring to it at all.

She’s also the spectral glue that holds us together as a unit. Literally. In addition to building the website all for you, reader. She also helps me manage the posts, review and  other writers.  Here’s to ya girl.

Leader K

This man is known more by his achievements than his face. Which makes thigns super difficult on me because he’s still needs to show up from comic strip to comic strip. But he’s also a brilliant man when it comes to classic movies. Apparently before we ran into each other that’s what he did with his life. Read and Watch good films. Damn Classy Guy… I spent all my time on the internet.





The 59 Sound

Know what’s awesome? 59 is awesome. The man is pure sound wave. If there’s anyone that’s lived for music it’s this man. He’s been a great friend of mine for a few years and as such also heads to most of the events near where we are so he can talk to the local and not so local musical talent. Sop you’re more likely to see or hear him instead of read reviews from him. That puts him at more of an advantage, though. Print is Dead anyway.


Has anyone ever told you you’re cute as a button? Well where Ragdoll is from they’re made of buttons… and zippers and stitches and all kinda of crazy. Well being the first of the ragdolls to want to make films, she’s been studying them like crazy giving her the edge when it comes to the technical aspects of all the films that she sees. Also giving you insight into things that no other reviewer on the net can. Finally someone can review films that isn’t full of crap!… more like full of stuffing…








Mazer and I go waaaaaaay back. He’s one of the first people that I’d been able to communicate about doing a website like this linking us all together and talking about… well anything. He’s pulled form a place he calls the “Void Dimension.” For being a Dimension it looks a whole lot more like an apartment and for being void, it seems a lot more like a cluttered, Bachelor mess. Having lived in this cluttered mess of a place, he’s still finding so much time to build powerful machines to play video games on…. I think he called them comp-U-torz…. or something



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