“Chiptune Covers” by Leader K

Hello children’s. For the next two weeks, I would like to share with you some awesome stuff. Awesome retro stuff I have are 8 bit remix’s of those one songs that you have herd here and there, but you find to be catchy enough to listen to. The Norwegian pop band A-ha recorded the song … Continue reading

Micro Review: Pomplamoose, Ben Folds, Nick Hornby

One day I stumbled uponed (not StumbleUponed!) a video song thing. A year later my roommate informed me that the people who do that are a couple that perform music under the name Poomplamoose. Long story short they apparently teamed up with BEN FOLDS and Nick Hornby to make this pretty awesome video of “Things … Continue reading

“March Mix: Inspired by Tron- Part 1” by Silenced Requiem

Yeah so this was delayed like…two months. If it gets delayed any longer it’ll be an on going joke I will never live down. Mostly delayed for the fact I prefer to really listen to things before I post, but I haven’t been able to get a hold on enough material for some of these … Continue reading

Microreview:Harry Potter and the Half-Dub Remix by Terabyte Frenzy

I don’t generally listen to dubstep, but …I have no buts to go with this, I recently started listening to dubstep at three o’clock in the morning while doing physics (eat a phat one!). Coincidently, it happens to be 3:52 right now and I happen to be listening to Deadmau5, but I am rambling, gambling, … Continue reading

the “hip” sound

I have no idea what the hell “hipster” means, but I think if I were like 30 lbs skinner and 300 lbs richer I would be one? Regardless this isn’t about what I wish my weight and coin bag equate to; this is about the music! More specifically some bands I have in my music … Continue reading

Micro Review: Powerglove

I am in no way a fan of metal, I am however a fan of gimmicks :D, while I was searching the web for an a synthesizer/ keyboard program that could be used on a personal computer (that has nothing to do with this review). Long story short I stumbled upon the MySpace page of … Continue reading

Reel Big Fish Vs. The Aquabats

AQUABATS vs. REEL BIG FISH The Aquabats, and Reel Big Fish are two of the biggest names in popular ska music. And I was lucky enough to have the chance to drive two hours to go see them! And this post, is about that show! Isn’t that super crazy awesome!?!  ….YES, YES IT IS! KOO … Continue reading

“Ikkicon V” by 59 Sound

Upon arrival of the Austin Skyline, one of the first noticeable buildings aside from the frost bank tower looking building, is the Hilton. Within a matter of minutes of entering the city we were at the convention hall, greeted by a crowded parking lot and an elevator ride from hell, the Riddler Review team had … Continue reading

“November (Wintery…ish) Mix” by Silenced Requiem

So, Eddie said I had to do a holiday post. I said I didn’t like Holiday Music, Movies, and god forbid there are any good Holiday games out there. There was a lot of whining on my part. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas, I just don’t enjoy the holiday music and movies that … Continue reading

“Beep Boop Beep Beep Boop” by The 59 Sound

Gentalbots and fembots, welcome welcome welcome to the week of robots! Where we give a brief glimpse of the future in which robots do more than dance and play the violin!!!!! Okay, that’s not true, but they have gotten a lot better at it! :D Ten songs to [whatever it is you do] while you … Continue reading

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