Austin Comic Events!

In Austin and looking for some Comic book Events!? Check these out! Austin Books & Comics presents Free Comic Book Day event series Nationally-acclaimed pop culture retailer hosts Dr. Who, Star Wars, 30 Days of Night and Thor events Austin, TX—Thursday, April 14, 2011– Central Texas’s biggest and oldest comics and pop culture retailer, Austin Books & Comics is proud to announce a premiere series of … Continue reading

Shiny New Webbie by Silenced Requiem

So, yes, we have a shiny new website. Which is pretty much why it’s been kinda quiet for the last month, as well as the November Issue E-zine and December E-zine being combined. It’s really only me and Riddler doing this stuff so yeah. We’re sorry we’ve been kinda slacking. There are a few things … Continue reading

Movie News: Bakugan is Getting a Live Action Movie

Leader K Universal Pictures has confirmed that Bakugan Battle Brawlers (AKA: “not Pokemon”) will be getting an American live action release sometime in the near future. goody….. For those of you who choose to waste your time on more sophisticated nerd activities like Pokemon, D&D, and Sudoku(?) here is a quick run down of just … Continue reading

Eddie is making me scrub the walls

October is over, so much sadness. I really love October, it’s probably my favorite month of the year. But alas, it is gone. Now I have to get out my smelly cleaner spray thingamabob and clean off all the blood and grime from everything like a five year old who put crayon on the walls. … Continue reading

This is what happens

See this? ALL THIS? This is what happens when Silenced doesn’t get her tea. Make note of this. HAPPY OCTOBER PEEPS. We will be having some horror/Halloween themed reviews showing up throughout the month. Why the whole month? Well because it’s October. And October is awesome. And…I don’t know Eddie wanted it for the entire … Continue reading


It’s Steampunk week! So. I STEAMROLLED THE WEBSITE. Well, at least to a point. Blogger tends to be obscenely retarded with things so I was unable to get it the way I REALLY wanted. /cry So unfortunately, though it makes the Steampunk nerd in me weep, this is the way it’s gotta be until I … Continue reading

“Transformers: The War for Cybertron” by Mr Riddler

You are alone in a corridor with only 2 doors. One door leads to freedom, the other leads to endless torture. At each door, there is a transformer. You only have one question to ask any robot. One is an Autobot who tells truth, one is a Decepticon who tells lies. You don’t know which … Continue reading


Hey peeps. The blog may get a little glitchy throughout tonight. I’m trying to update the page and rework some areas so it looks a bit better than the cookie cutter look it had before, so bear with me. I’ll delete this post after I’m finished. Again, sorry, but someone’s gotta do it. :C -S.R. … Continue reading

Preview Review – E3 2010

What can Go up and Down without moving? The temperature but according to this years E3, not video games. It appears everything is about movement now. A Sorry thing to hear if you’re Barbra Gordon. Well, since E3 is over I guess it’s ok to talk about it now. I suppose this E3 was not really a … Continue reading

Preview Review – E3 2010 Sony Conference

Sony Conference: Just in case you missed it, here’s the conference provided by Kill Zone 3 – Have I mentioned that I havent played the Kill Zone Series? I know. I know. It’s in my Gamefly Queue I’ll get to it eventually, so for now let me say that it looks fun and … Continue reading

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