“BRINK (Single-player)” by Co-Op Jaken

Single-player: So, I have been anxiously awaiting this game’s release, and was stoked about writing a review to share how this game hit me with as many people as possible.  Unfortunately, I bought it for PS3.  As I am sure you are all aware, PSN is down, which means no multiplayer.  This review will cover … Continue reading

“Portal 2” by Mr Riddler

What’s that Valve? Another first person shooter game that focuses around puzzles and riddles? Oh no I couldn’t!… please I’m not that kind of Riddler. Oh! Alright well… If you insist and promise to be gentle. Everyone good and scarred for life? Good here we go What I Expected: Portal was a game that was … Continue reading

“Braid” by Mazer

I’ve been looking at this indie game for a while now. It looked like a fun platformer with some nice added features. When I found it on Steam for $3, I just had to pick it up. What I was Expecting: I honestly have no idea what I was expecting when I started playing. A … Continue reading

“Dynasty Warriors 7” by Co-op Jaken

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been around for a decade or more, and I, myself, have been playing it adamantly since I was first introduced to it’s third installment by my close friend who lived down the street.  We would spend entire weekends, literally hours on end, staying up far past our youth’s bedtime beating … Continue reading

Mr Riddler’s Favorite Games of All Time

Riddle Me This: What is blonde with blue eyes, loves the color pink and is actually a girl? Photo by Gaming Today Silenced Requiem. Is it related to today’s post? No. Was it fun to say? Hell yes! So we’re 1/3 of the way through the year and it’s about time that we start getting into what has … Continue reading

“Crysis” by Mazer

After playing Metro 2033 and then Bulletstorm, my FPS taste buds were going crazy so I picked up Crysis. The once proud computer-melter is now a slightly old game so even with everything on Ultra High with 1920×1080 my computer doesn’t even seem to mind. It looked like a decent FPS and I’ve heard great things about … Continue reading

“Homefront” by Mazer

Look, the other review I got for one game purchase! Let’s see if this game makes me want to play more than Metro did. What I Expected: From the couple of trailers I watched, it seemed like a fun game. The story premise is probably the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard, but it makes for … Continue reading

“Pokemon Black & White” by Mr Riddler

Why Shouldn’t you Pee in front of a Pokemon? BECAUSE IT MIGHT PIKACHU! HAHA!… don’t judge me… What I Expected: So maybe this is something for Leader K to be reviewing… I don”t know but you can obviously tell that it’s a game that can monoplize my time. What I expected from it was to be a step up from Pokemon … Continue reading

“Dirt 2” by Mazer

I love some racing games, but to be honest I really only picked this game up because I wanted to test out my brand new  Radeon 5870 (mmm, best $450 I’ve spent for a while). Also, yes, I bought this game a while ago. What I Expected: I wasn’t expecting much: just a fun racing … Continue reading

“Commander: Conquest of the Americas” by Mazer

I found this little gem thanks to one of Steam’s specials (got it for 60% off!) and it looked like it could be a fun game so I picked it up. From the About the Game write-up, it looks like a more in-depth ‘version’ of Sid Meier’s Pirates! which was a fun game in it’s … Continue reading

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