Micro Review: Pomplamoose, Ben Folds, Nick Hornby

One day I stumbled uponed (not StumbleUponed!) a video song thing. A year later my roommate informed me that the people who do that are a couple that perform music under the name Poomplamoose. Long story short they apparently teamed up with BEN FOLDS and Nick Hornby to make this pretty awesome video of “Things … Continue reading

“Hobo with a Shotgun” by Leader K

Leader K Hobo with a Shotgun This movie is a bad influence on homeless people, but luckily they can’t afford it. Jason Eisner’s Hobo with a Shotgun first made its presence known as a fake trailer in Grindhouse along with Machete, and like Machete it to has been turned into a full length feature film, … Continue reading

“Dynasty Warriors 7” by Co-op Jaken

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been around for a decade or more, and I, myself, have been playing it adamantly since I was first introduced to it’s third installment by my close friend who lived down the street.  We would spend entire weekends, literally hours on end, staying up far past our youth’s bedtime beating … Continue reading

Mr Riddler’s Favorite Games of All Time

Riddle Me This: What is blonde with blue eyes, loves the color pink and is actually a girl? Photo by Gaming Today Silenced Requiem. Is it related to today’s post? No. Was it fun to say? Hell yes! So we’re 1/3 of the way through the year and it’s about time that we start getting into what has … Continue reading

“Crysis” by Mazer

After playing Metro 2033 and then Bulletstorm, my FPS taste buds were going crazy so I picked up Crysis. The once proud computer-melter is now a slightly old game so even with everything on Ultra High with 1920×1080 my computer doesn’t even seem to mind. It looked like a decent FPS and I’ve heard great things about … Continue reading

“Homefront” by Mazer

Look, the other review I got for one game purchase! Let’s see if this game makes me want to play more than Metro did. What I Expected: From the couple of trailers I watched, it seemed like a fun game. The story premise is probably the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard, but it makes for … Continue reading

“March Mix: Inspired by Tron- Part 1” by Silenced Requiem

Yeah so this was delayed like…two months. If it gets delayed any longer it’ll be an on going joke I will never live down. Mostly delayed for the fact I prefer to really listen to things before I post, but I haven’t been able to get a hold on enough material for some of these … Continue reading

“Pokemon Black & White” by Mr Riddler

Why Shouldn’t you Pee in front of a Pokemon? BECAUSE IT MIGHT PIKACHU! HAHA!… don’t judge me… What I Expected: So maybe this is something for Leader K to be reviewing… I don”t know but you can obviously tell that it’s a game that can monoplize my time. What I expected from it was to be a step up from Pokemon … Continue reading

Looking Forward with Leader K!

Leader K This is a list of the bigger movies coming out from now tell January. I thought i’d measure my excitement on these blockbusters. Battle: Los Angeles This movie looks a lot like several movies in the past few years that i either didn’t like or could care less about. Im not so big … Continue reading

“Dirt 2” by Mazer

I love some racing games, but to be honest I really only picked this game up because I wanted to test out my brand new  Radeon 5870 (mmm, best $450 I’ve spent for a while). Also, yes, I bought this game a while ago. What I Expected: I wasn’t expecting much: just a fun racing … Continue reading

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