“Chiptune Covers” by Leader K

Hello children’s. For the next two weeks, I would like to share with you some awesome stuff. Awesome retro stuff I have are 8 bit remix’s of those one songs that you have herd here and there, but you find to be catchy enough to listen to. The Norwegian pop band A-ha recorded the song … Continue reading

“Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies/Shows” by Leader K

Leader K Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies/Shows! In celebration for the World not ending just yet we going to count down the best movies and shows that also made it through the ends of their worlds but are still going. 10. The Twilight Zone (The Old Man in the cave)  The Twilight Zone is one of … Continue reading

“Top 10 Westerns” by Leader K

Leader K Top 10 Westerns!  Westerns as a whole are my favorite Genre of film. Blah, blah, blhaaaa….here is a top 10. 10. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford  A fictional yet realistic retelling of the famous outlaw. It feels more along the lines of a play than a film, and … Continue reading

Top 9 “Pretty Good” Horror Films

Leader K Top 9 Mediocre Horror movies still worth watching! As I am your Leader, it is very important that i shield my comrades from the smut that this world attempts to ruin your honest gullible minds with. Much of this smut comes from the insipid country laughably called Hollywood, who time and time again … Continue reading

“Hobo with a Shotgun” by Leader K

Leader K Hobo with a Shotgun This movie is a bad influence on homeless people, but luckily they can’t afford it. Jason Eisner’s Hobo with a Shotgun first made its presence known as a fake trailer in Grindhouse along with Machete, and like Machete it to has been turned into a full length feature film, … Continue reading

Looking Forward with Leader K!

Leader K This is a list of the bigger movies coming out from now tell January. I thought i’d measure my excitement on these blockbusters. Battle: Los Angeles This movie looks a lot like several movies in the past few years that i either didn’t like or could care less about. Im not so big … Continue reading

“Drive Angry” by Leader K

Leader K Drive Angry Nick Cage breaks out of hell in order to save his granddaughter from an evil cult trying to outrun the devils right hand man. Yes, you heard right, the Devil! Yes, this is Ghost Rider. It does not take much thought in trying to determine where the story goes from there, but … Continue reading

Justin Bieber: NeverSayNever

Leader K Despite what our current youth would have us believe, Justin Bieber is not an anomaly. Every few years we are dished out the newest pop star for the idolization of young girls. While little boys are dreaming of older women and or death and destruction, supplemented in music form by the likes of  … Continue reading

Top 12 Characters (from respective mediums)

Leader K Top 12 Characters Preface: There are many things that make up a good character and depending on the medium the way a character attaches themselves to the audience changes. That is why i made this a top twelve. Four from movies, four from anime, four from video games. I could go into a little dialogue … Continue reading

Leader K reviews “Rin~Daughters of Mnemosyne~”

Leader K   Rin~Daughters of Mnemosyne~ Written by: Hiroshi Onogi In Norse myth the tree known as Yggdrasil is a holy link between the worlds, and while the pagan gods and their religion have faded away over time, there are still some who who claim to know The World Tree is more than a myth. To … Continue reading

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