“Braid” by Mazer

I’ve been looking at this indie game for a while now. It looked like a fun platformer with some nice added features. When I found it on Steam for $3, I just had to pick it up. What I was Expecting: I honestly have no idea what I was expecting when I started playing. A … Continue reading

“Crysis” by Mazer

After playing Metro 2033 and then Bulletstorm, my FPS taste buds were going crazy so I picked up Crysis. The once proud computer-melter is now a slightly old game so even with everything on Ultra High with 1920×1080 my computer doesn’t even seem to mind. It looked like a decent FPS and I’ve heard great things about … Continue reading

“Homefront” by Mazer

Look, the other review I got for one game purchase! Let’s see if this game makes me want to play more than Metro did. What I Expected: From the couple of trailers I watched, it seemed like a fun game. The story premise is probably the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard, but it makes for … Continue reading

“Dirt 2” by Mazer

I love some racing games, but to be honest I really only picked this game up because I wanted to test out my brand new  Radeon 5870 (mmm, best $450 I’ve spent for a while). Also, yes, I bought this game a while ago. What I Expected: I wasn’t expecting much: just a fun racing … Continue reading

“Commander: Conquest of the Americas” by Mazer

I found this little gem thanks to one of Steam’s specials (got it for 60% off!) and it looked like it could be a fun game so I picked it up. From the About the Game write-up, it looks like a more in-depth ‘version’ of Sid Meier’s Pirates! which was a fun game in it’s … Continue reading

“Metro 2033” by Mazer

Well, I decided to do a crazy thing: buy a game I was wondering if I should buy and then do a review on it. Luckily Steam helped me out by giving me Metro 2033 when I pre-ordered Homefront, so I get two games in one and you get two reviews! What I expected: Honestly, … Continue reading

“Bulletstorm” by Mazer

One of our friends wanted us to review this game for him. I thought the demo looked pretty nice, so I ponied up the money and bought it. What I Expected: Well, to be honest, I was expecting some decent, fun FPS game play with Epic Games at the reins. I wasn’t too concerned about … Continue reading

“Runescape” by Mazer

What PC gamer wouldn’t be complete without his/her MMOs? Or at least I can say that now after the advent of Everquest and World of Warcraft. There was a time when PCs had other games too, but it seems like all they have left on the exclusive side are RTSs and MMOs. So I’ve decided … Continue reading

“RoN: Rise of Legends″ by Mazer

You know what’s great about the RTS genre? It’s so open to innovation and creativity! And that’s exactly what you’re going to see in this review: some interesting game mechanics and an amazing game world. Speaking of the world I think Silenced Requiem (and those who enjoy her work) will love the Steampunk-esk Vinci, who … Continue reading

“C&C3 and C&C4” by Mazer

I think it’s time for another RTS review but this time I’m going to do a dual review comparing two sequels to each other! That is, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and Command and Conquer 4: Tiberium Twilight; and for the most part why C&C 4 is a disgrace to the series and the … Continue reading

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