“Hobo with a Shotgun” by Leader K

Leader K Hobo with a Shotgun This movie is a bad influence on homeless people, but luckily they can’t afford it. Jason Eisner’s Hobo with a Shotgun first made its presence known as a fake trailer in Grindhouse along with Machete, and like Machete it to has been turned into a full length feature film, … Continue reading

“Drive Angry” by Leader K

Leader K Drive Angry Nick Cage breaks out of hell in order to save his granddaughter from an evil cult trying to outrun the devils right hand man. Yes, you heard right, the Devil! Yes, this is Ghost Rider. It does not take much thought in trying to determine where the story goes from there, but … Continue reading

Justin Bieber: NeverSayNever

Leader K Despite what our current youth would have us believe, Justin Bieber is not an anomaly. Every few years we are dished out the newest pop star for the idolization of young girls. While little boys are dreaming of older women and or death and destruction, supplemented in music form by the likes of  … Continue reading

Micro Review of “No Strings Attached”

I went into this movie expecting it to be Hollywood, formulated vomit. I had actually wanted to see the Mechanic, but this was the only film playing. And I have to say, it’s not too bad. But in reading this review do try to keep in mind that I have estrogen; my opinion is going to … Continue reading

A micro review of “Leaves of Grass” from Ragdoll

Many of you have probably passed by this movie on the shelf, or brushed past it in the Red Box selection; I know I did. It wasn’t until I got a free rental coupon that I got around to getting this movie. And now, I wish I hadn’t waited. From the green fists of the Hulk, to … Continue reading

Leader K reviews “Rin~Daughters of Mnemosyne~”

Leader K   Rin~Daughters of Mnemosyne~ Written by: Hiroshi Onogi In Norse myth the tree known as Yggdrasil is a holy link between the worlds, and while the pagan gods and their religion have faded away over time, there are still some who who claim to know The World Tree is more than a myth. To … Continue reading

“2010 Award Ceremony!” by Leader K

I am on my way to Ikkicon folks and things are sort of hectic. However, as we are about to leave 2010 behind and ring the bells of the new year, I’m going to give a quick run down of who in the movie business deserves that extra note of praise. No, I have not … Continue reading

Christmas Movie Advent Calender: DAY 24

DAY 24 (Days till Christmas… 1) So here we are. 24 days in. Last Movie of the Advent Calender. And I’m about 98% sure noone’s been watching these movies as I’ve been posting them, but that’s all cool because today is a film lost in time… ish. A Very Merry Muppet Christmas is like the … Continue reading

Christmas Movie Advent Calender: DAY 23

DAY 23 (Days till Christmas 2) This was another movie that was on Leader K’s list of best Holiday themed films and for a horror flick from the 80s this is a good one. Gremlins grew into a cult classic film for a reason. it has adorable characters and despite being pretty gruesome at times, … Continue reading

Christmas Movie Advent Calender: DAY 22

DAY 22 (Days Till Christmas 3) Today’s a 2-fer. Mostly because they’re both freebies and they;re both relatively short. PacMan Christmas is a personal Christmas Classic for me because I remember seeing it on TV back in 97 but wasn’t able to find it again until last year. And Ghostbusters is great because it’s Mother Effin Ghostbusters. to in static. I … Continue reading

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