“Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies/Shows” by Leader K

Leader K Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Movies/Shows! In celebration for the World not ending just yet we going to count down the best movies and shows that also made it through the ends of their worlds but are still going. 10. The Twilight Zone (The Old Man in the cave)  The Twilight Zone is one of … Continue reading

“Top 10 Westerns” by Leader K

Leader K Top 10 Westerns!  Westerns as a whole are my favorite Genre of film. Blah, blah, blhaaaa….here is a top 10. 10. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford  A fictional yet realistic retelling of the famous outlaw. It feels more along the lines of a play than a film, and … Continue reading

Top 9 “Pretty Good” Horror Films

Leader K Top 9 Mediocre Horror movies still worth watching! As I am your Leader, it is very important that i shield my comrades from the smut that this world attempts to ruin your honest gullible minds with. Much of this smut comes from the insipid country laughably called Hollywood, who time and time again … Continue reading

Top 12 Characters (from respective mediums)

Leader K Top 12 Characters Preface: There are many things that make up a good character and depending on the medium the way a character attaches themselves to the audience changes. That is why i made this a top twelve. Four from movies, four from anime, four from video games. I could go into a little dialogue … Continue reading

“2010 Award Ceremony!” by Leader K

I am on my way to Ikkicon folks and things are sort of hectic. However, as we are about to leave 2010 behind and ring the bells of the new year, I’m going to give a quick run down of who in the movie business deserves that extra note of praise. No, I have not … Continue reading

“It came from Japan: THE 10 Miyazaki Films” by Leader K

Leader K For my big Holiday project i have decided to get a little more extensive than usual. Yes this is another “top ten” and yes it is more animation, but this time it is a bit more focused. The top ten of the ten Miyazaki films! It is long!!! Preface: Hayao Miyazaki is one … Continue reading

“Top 10 Mecha/Giant Robots” by Leader K

Leader K Top 10 Mecha/Giant robots (Major spoilers) Who doesn’t love giant monstrous machines hell bent on both saving and destroying the world? NO ONE! Thats who! 10. Voltron’s Voltron The cult classic and one of the more recognizable of all giant robots is the powerful Vlotron created by World Events Productions and Toei Animation. With 124 episodes and fame … Continue reading

“Top 5 of the Year Thus Far!” by Leader K

Leader K The Fall is almost here. You know what that means? Oscar season! Yes now is the time to put aside all those fun and wacky summer films and start getting into the meat. With Ben Affleck’s “The Town” hitting theaters we have our first mainstream post-summer film reaching for an award (and Ben … Continue reading

“Top 9 Greatest Animated Films” by Leader K

Leader K O, that this too too selfish opinion would melt, thaw, and resolve as fact. Alas is the pain one must bring to others and oneself to make note of life’s more promising fortune. O, a sting in the head and a bite to the arm say of who is deserved above another and … Continue reading

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