“March Mix: Inspired by Tron- Part 1” by Silenced Requiem

Yeah so this was delayed like…two months. If it gets delayed any longer it’ll be an on going joke I will never live down. Mostly delayed for the fact I prefer to really listen to things before I post, but I haven’t been able to get a hold on enough material for some of these … Continue reading

Mass Effect 2 by Silenced Requiem

What I Expected: So I played Mass Effect one. And that was amazing. I never had thought that this game that had been just sitting there, on my shelf this entire time, completely ignored could be that good. What We Got: Pretty much we left the first game feeling like Shepard was the biggest bada** … Continue reading

Shiny New Webbie by Silenced Requiem

So, yes, we have a shiny new website. Which is pretty much why it’s been kinda quiet for the last month, as well as the November Issue E-zine and December E-zine being combined. It’s really only me and Riddler doing this stuff so yeah. We’re sorry we’ve been kinda slacking. There are a few things … Continue reading

“Ink” by Silenced Requiem

q What I expected: I had never heard of this movie before. I just know I thought the movie poster looked kinda interesting so I put it in my instant queue a long time ago for Netflix. I didn’t know anything about it, if anything I thought it just looked weird and always just put … Continue reading

“Mass Effect 1” by Silenced Requiem

What I Expected: Eh. I was bored one day really. Very, very bored. Bored enough to actually go to my dvd/game shelf and look for a game to play. I thumbed through them, played that, don’t care about that, tried that- got bored, finished that. It took a good while until found a game called … Continue reading

“November (Wintery…ish) Mix” by Silenced Requiem

So, Eddie said I had to do a holiday post. I said I didn’t like Holiday Music, Movies, and god forbid there are any good Holiday games out there. There was a lot of whining on my part. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas, I just don’t enjoy the holiday music and movies that … Continue reading

“Mirrormask” by Silenced Requiem

Yeah, I kind of review anything. I’m a poor artist, I can’t afford to get a lot of games and stuff so I do what I can. So naturally, I kinda do things awkwardly. And yeah, I know I didn’t post for Robot week. Bite me. What I Expected: Okay the first time I saw … Continue reading

Eddie is making me scrub the walls

October is over, so much sadness. I really love October, it’s probably my favorite month of the year. But alas, it is gone. Now I have to get out my smelly cleaner spray thingamabob and clean off all the blood and grime from everything like a five year old who put crayon on the walls. … Continue reading

E-Zine October 2010

This month’s E-zine has a lot of extra Trick and Treats for you including our interview with a zombie that features the lovely Mary as our Zombie. Click the Image to download! Here’s a sample of Mary’s Shoot : The E-Zine as always is optimized for viewing on laptops, iPads, Nooks and Kindles. Feel Free … Continue reading

Requiem’s October Mix: Part 3

Oh lookie. Requiem is back to rant and rave about random crap again. I advise everyone to just not make any sort of eye contact. Dorkicus Deathicus is a highly contagious ailment you do not want. It’s for the best, really. Oh look shiny stuff. So my computer has decided it’s best if it continues … Continue reading

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