Top 12 Characters (from respective mediums)

Leader K Top 12 Characters Preface: There are many things that make up a good character and depending on the medium the way a character attaches themselves to the audience changes. That is why i made this a top twelve. Four from movies, four from anime, four from video games. I could go into a little dialogue … Continue reading

A micro review of “Leaves of Grass” from Ragdoll

Many of you have probably passed by this movie on the shelf, or brushed past it in the Red Box selection; I know I did. It wasn’t until I got a free rental coupon that I got around to getting this movie. And now, I wish I hadn’t waited. From the green fists of the Hulk, to … Continue reading

Mr Riddler reviews “Donkey Kong Country Returns”

You are in a room together with 3 primates: a monkey, a chimp, and an ape. The monkey only knows how to write, the chimp only knows how to talk, and the ape only knows how to solve math problems. Which primate in the room is the smartest? Well if you’re in the room, then hopefully You are the smartest … Continue reading

Leader K reviews “Rin~Daughters of Mnemosyne~”

Leader K   Rin~Daughters of Mnemosyne~ Written by: Hiroshi Onogi In Norse myth the tree known as Yggdrasil is a holy link between the worlds, and while the pagan gods and their religion have faded away over time, there are still some who who claim to know The World Tree is more than a myth. To … Continue reading

Mass Effect 2 by Silenced Requiem

What I Expected: So I played Mass Effect one. And that was amazing. I never had thought that this game that had been just sitting there, on my shelf this entire time, completely ignored could be that good. What We Got: Pretty much we left the first game feeling like Shepard was the biggest bada** … Continue reading

“Tatsunoko vs Capcom” by Mr Riddler

Ok so I’m hard to find a Riddle featureing fighting again so, you get a link for the Five for Fighting Song, The Riddle. What I Expected I have to say tha tI love fighting games. I love the feeling of pulling off hyper combos and that caveman feel that I get when beating the … Continue reading

“Ikkicon V” by 59 Sound

Upon arrival of the Austin Skyline, one of the first noticeable buildings aside from the frost bank tower looking building, is the Hilton. Within a matter of minutes of entering the city we were at the convention hall, greeted by a crowded parking lot and an elevator ride from hell, the Riddler Review team had … Continue reading

“Epic Mickey” by Mr Riddler

An average female mouse can give birth to 12 babies once a month. Baby mice can mature and give birth to babies at two months old. If you bought one of these cute baby mice home from the pet store the day after it is born, how many mice would you have 10 months from … Continue reading

“Riddle Awards of 2010” by Mr Riddler

Hello again Reader. It’s finally nice to see you face to face again. Allow me to RE-Introduce myself. I’m Mr. Riddler. No affiliations to anyone else you maybe thinking of. I am from the other side of your computer screen come to review the best of entertainment for you. and only YOU. Having done so … Continue reading

Shiny New Webbie by Silenced Requiem

So, yes, we have a shiny new website. Which is pretty much why it’s been kinda quiet for the last month, as well as the November Issue E-zine and December E-zine being combined. It’s really only me and Riddler doing this stuff so yeah. We’re sorry we’ve been kinda slacking. There are a few things … Continue reading

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